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My name is Randell Hoffman. Some call me Randy.

I’m a California native – born and raised and proud of it! However, my life is now torn between college in Idaho, my mom in Utah, my dad in Nevada, the rest of my family in the Golden State, and my childhood dream to live on the east coast. We’ll see what the future holds.

I returned in July 2015 from serving as a full-time missionary and representative for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in the Germany Berlin Mission. I wore a name tag 24/7 and walked around northern and eastern Germany telling people there how much my Savior means to me and how He could help them. (More for another blog post….) It was AWESOME!

P-day in Seifert, Saxony, Germany

But now I’m back. Two amazing years have passed and now I’m home. Well… I have beds all over the western United States.

And now I have a blog! Again!
(Here’s my old mission blog: https://elderhoffman.wordpress.com)

Once a week we wrote emails back home. My emails were posted onto my blog. A lot of people read them and commented on them about how much they liked them – publicly and privately. I hope to create a similar space: an additional resource to which others can go for peace and inspiration.

I equally love history and being civically involved. I study Political Science at Brigham Young University-Idaho with a minor in German… for now. These things tend to change. I want to be a U.S. history teacher. But I also wouldn’t mind getting into non-profit or foreign policy work. Again, we’ll see what the future holds.

I hike, run, photograph, explore, eat, cook, bake, pray and read. So this will be a combination of all that. Keep coming back and bare with me as I figure this out!




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